Protect the Laughing Gull


Lucian Siempranus is sending another ship, The Laughing Gull, out of the Blackstone Bay to carry trade goods to the Glass Cape In order to safeguard his cargo, he’s hiring battle-ready sailors and paying them triple. If his men destroy the Serpent, he will recoup part of the Basilis’ reward and give the rest to the crew.

Rewards Conditions
50GP per crew member 25GP paid upon arrival to the Glass Cape, 25GP upon return
500GP The crew of the laughing gull kills the serpent, 500GP of the Basilis’ 1000GP reward is divided evenly amongst the ship’s crew.
1000XP Deliver The Laughing Gull and it’s cargo to the glass cape

see optional quest: Lucian’s Lost Cargo

Protect the Laughing Gull

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