Cure the Xicherian Plague


The plague has spread to all areas and classes of people in Shian-Mar. As a result, the Basilius has ordered a standing curfew for any that exhibit symptoms, and royal patrols to keep the streets clear. A general quarantine is also being enforced; The gates and ports are closed to any trying to leave.

Most blame the Xicherians for the outbreak of plague – citing their unsanitary living conditions. There are rumors that the Basilius may take even more judicious measures to eradicate the source of the disease.

The temple of Pelor has collected 100GP to give to any that stop the disease or treat it inexpensively.

Rewards Conditions
100GP End the threat of plague
2000XP End the threat of plague
4000 XP Prevent the genocide of the Xicherian people

Cure the Xicherian Plague

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