Drago Costa

Human Wharf Rat


This human wharf rat was raised in squalid poverty by a mother who was often deep into her cups and a father who was even more often away at sea. Running the docks unsupervised, Drago grew up a rebel who does not fit into civilized society – and actually does not want to fit into civilized society. Though quite charming and attractive, Drago has a stubborn independent streak that keeps everyone and everything at a safe distance. He dreams of wealth, leisure and owning his own ship one day.

Drago has made a series of missteps in the pursuit of his dreams. He served for a period as a marine where his skills with the throwing knife were greatly valued, but his frequent gambling and problems with authority saw him kicked out. Additionally, prone to falling for every “get rich quick” scheme he hears, Drake found himself unintentionally aligned with a group of cutthroats bent on murder and has been on the run from them ever since.

Drago Costa is of average height and build with short, dark brown hair and a tattoo on his left shoulder. He is 24 years old.

Drago Costa

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