Serpents of Shian-Mar

Got some free booze and missed chance to kill some city gaurds

Just got in town. Me hear of a huge snake thing that live in near big water. Town people offer big gold reward for killing snake thing. Me like gold and me like killing and me also like eating snakes. It is a win, win, win, win, win, win. Huh.. How many wins is that? One day I need to learn to count. What was I just talking about? Oh yeah. Big snake. Me like snakes, good to eat. I like snake stew, snake roast, snake ka-bob, snake sammiches, snake pie, snake soup, snake in cake, snake on toast, fried snake, boiled snake, snake juice, snake fritters. I can’t wait to find big snake.

Anyway, I walk in to town and I wander a bit. Lots of people keep run away. Me used to it by now. Not many people used to see an orc as big as me. Maybe it was my big sword I keep swinging over my head as I walk, maybe it was all the blood on my face and hands from eating that goat I ate for breakfast or maybe it was because I carried the goat head around my waist for lunch? Who knows… Me don’t really care. I grab local and he tell me that I need to hide my sword “Gladys” from city guards or they take from me. So I take the closest thing I find a blanket from sleeping smelly man who live in gutter. He get upset but I don’t care.

I wander some more looking for some booze, when I get stopped by city guard anyway. Bah! I wrap Gladys in smelly blanket and I still get stopped any how. They say something about me being sick with something they call plague. I don’t know what plague is but they get pretty mad thining i had it. Before I can unwrap Gladys and kill me some guards a strange man that don’t run away come to talk to me in orc. It surprise me that anyone speak orc. He speak with strange accent, but I understood him good. He promise me booze if I follow him. He say he can help me kill big snake. If short man want to help me kill big snake I will let him. Me don’t care. Just as long as I get to try new snake recipe.



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